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Last update: 10/05/2022

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MeMoMi Secret Link

This is the secret link of the game MeMoMi, the bonus of the bonus!

Will keep updating extra things!

Again, thanks for playing!  Love you :)

Emi Sun

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Thanks for submitting!

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The Making of MeMoMi

A sketchbook that I used for organizing ideas of this game.

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MMMBonusRm: Video


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MMMBonusRm: About
未命名作品 2_edited.jpg



Player-operated character

She was asked to bring the blue bird into the body.

Since she accidentally broke the birdcage, she had to look for the missing parts of the cage and the blue bird in the body.

She doesn't have many expressions, but she does have a series of meme stickers.

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Melodica Player

You met her in a maze that the walls looked like sickly human skin.....

She is naked and ugly, and her skin looks as the same as the walls. 

She owns an instrument that has the skin texture.

She tricked you a lot, being very mean and following you wherever ever you go.

However, when you leave the maze....

未命名作品 3.jpg
MMMBonusRm: Bio
未命名作品 9.png


About 5 years old

In a starry town, you found this lost little girl. 

Can't find her parents, or any other human being in this empty town.

But you do find her bedroom.

You spend some time with her.

Reading books, drawing, hide and seek...

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pom-pom balls...

He is such a mystery character!

He never talk, he is covered in... orange pom-pom balls??

He run very fast....

What is under this fuzzy orange?

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Gameplay Film

Presented in CalArts Bijou Festival 2022

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