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Pom-pom Boom!

Experimental Card Game Made by Emi Yining Sun 2020

截屏2020-12-31 下午4.05.34.png
  • 2 players sitting in front of each other. 

  • Each player has 16 cards in their area. They can arrange these cards in whatever ways they want.

  • The player draws a card from each other's area in turns. They are only allowed to use one hand when drawing.

截屏2020-12-31 下午4.06.09.png
  • When the player draws the Bomb Card, the opponent should grab their hand as quickly as possible.

  • If the player successfully draws the Boom card, and withdraws their hand, they win.

  • However, if the opponent grabs their hand, then the opponent wins.

截屏2020-12-31 下午4.07.45.png
  • Before drawing cards, players can use the functional cards they got. 

  • Players are only allowed to use one card at one round. One card can only be used once.

  • There are 5 kinds of cards.


Normal card x 5.

No function, can not be used.



Skip card x 3.

You can skip this round, which means your opponent has to draw twice.



Half card x 4.

Your opponent is only allowed to use a single-arm in the next turn.



Shuffle card x 3.

If you think your opponent saw your cards, you can play this card to rearrange your cards.


Something about HALF:
Your opponent can only cover the card with one arm.
Also, If you draw the Boom card in this turn,  your opponent can only use one hand to catch your hand.

截屏2020-12-31 下午4.07.28.png

Print & Play

You can use two boxes to replace the sleeves.

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