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2022      Calarts Expo

2021       MICA MME

2022      Solo Show

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Calarts EXPO 2022




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Emi Sun Solo Show Modern Monster

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Anthropoid existences that deviate from human beings, in both physical and spiritual terms, are often defined as modern monsters. Modern monsters have been a part of human life for a long time; they even merged into human sense and cognitions. Although monsters cannot speak human language, they have fashionable skins and rich emotions. As an artist, I am inspired by those monsters and therefore capture their shapes in my artworks.

The exhibition Modern Monster is designed to lead the audience to see  the society through the monsters' eyes, to touch human beings with monsters' skins, and to experience the world with a monster's heart. The exhibition is intended to call up the audience's awareness of the potential existence of the modern monsters in their lives.


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