© Emi Yining Sun

Players                    1 player

Release                   2022

Genre                      Adventure

Developer               Emi Yining Sun

Languages             English & Chinese

Platform                  Windows PC

Last update            05.17.2022

                                 MeMoMi ver1.12

Trouble Shooting HERE



This body is in an emergency.

You are asked to go inside the body with the only hope, a bluebird, to save it.

However, you accidentally broke the cage in the body,

and the blue bird flew out...


MeMoMi Tralier 1

Me doing troubleshooting.png

Windows 7 or above

NET framework 4.5.2 or above


!!If you are not able to open the game!!!

There is a chance that files lost during decompression.

So far, the best solusion is to use other software such as winRAR  (It has 40 days free trailer). Remember to extract the files from the software.

Feel free to contact for forward questions.


MeMoMi Opening



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